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Saturday, 2 May 2020



Lagos-born Hausa hiphop star Bmeri Aboki has undoubtedly paid his dues in the game. But what better way to expeess himself than to drop this amazing jam titled “Jini“.

Jini literally means “blood” but in this case, he refers to it metaphorically as “money”. The survival instinct of everybody has turned to money which is indeed the new fuel.

While mentioning prominent names of people who are known for their wealth, the Agege born rapper narrates how important money is to everyone considering the situation we have found ourselves in. Recently, he collaborated with Ricqy Ultra on the track Be Like Me which was released earlier befor now.

This upbeat, afro-pop beat will make you bump and grind as you carefully dance to the melodic style of this song titled Jini. The song was produced by DannyBeePro.
Kindly download and listen to Jini by Bmeri Aboki.


Sunday, 26 April 2020

Don R C-19 Beat Challenge

Don R also known by the pseudonym Arewa's Finext has been behind closed doors during the quarantine period. This gave him the ample time to discover his production skills and cooked this dope beat.

All you need do is record a minute verse on this beat, post in on Instagram and tag him (@arewafinext) with the hash tag #c19beatchallenge. The winner of this challenge will have a collaboration with the artist on a new joint alongside a video shoot.

Thursday, 23 April 2020

Golden Brickz - Arewa Steez (Demo)

GOLDEN BRICKZ are a decent group artists representing Brickzhouse. They officially dropped their first single titled Arewa Steez (DEMO).

Kindly stream on Audiomack to listen to this tune below.

Musicians get 50 million Naira corona virus relief from COSON

Starting from Tuesday evening, thousands of musicians across the country would receive bank alerts as Anti-Corona Emergency Relief Distribution from COSON, Nigeria’s biggest and most respected copyright collective management organization. The distribution is in reaction to the hardship and distress being faced by many musicians in Nigeria who have been affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the current lockdown which has also stopped entertainment activities across the country.

For the distribution, the COSON Board has approved the sum of 50 Million Naira to be shared amongst about 4,500 members on the society’s register as at May 19, 2019.

In the midst of the current crisis and following several S.O.S. messages from COSON members facing deep hardship all over the nation, the COSON Board over the weekend, met online in an emergency session and after vigorous discussions, approved the distribution.

Speaking on the development, COSON Chairman, Chief Tony Okoroji said, “I have personally received calls from several members of COSON who are desperate for immediate assistance of any kind. Other members of our Board have received similar messages. At a time like this, COSON must be responsible and responsive to the needs of our members and we should do everything we can to help them wade through these hard times. That is the very reason why COSON was set up. I am proud of the quick response of members of the COSON Board who showed great understanding that we must be our brothers’ keeper at a time like this.

“Starting immediately, with the co-operation of the banks, each qualified member of COSON will receive a modest sum of eleven thousand naira in what we have termed Anti-Coronavirus Emergency Relief (ACER) General Distribution. We are able to do this because of the deft management of our resources. We wish we could do more. I however believe that most people are aware of what we have been through in recent times. Let me thank the COSON management team of Vincent Adawaisi, Isa Aruna and Anthony Imuse who burnt the midnight oil to ensure that the decision of the Board is executed with dispatch”.

On outstanding Specific Distributions, the COSON Chairman said, “Every member of the Board is very eager that all outstanding specific distributions should be paid without any delay. The issue was prominent in our discussions on the emergency relief distribution. While the Board and the General Assembly have approved the specific distributions, it is common knowledge that COSON funds in two banks are frozen. The money for the specific distributions is domiciled in the frozen accounts. The money is safe. Not one Naira is missing. It is also common knowledge that we have gone to court to have the accounts unfrozen and immediately that happens, the money will be paid. In any case, all those entitled to Specific distribution will also receive the Anti-Coronavirus Emergency Relief (ACER) General Distribution.

“It is unfortunate that it is some of our colleagues that requested the banks to freeze the accounts which has brought this suffering to innocent COSON members and even to those who took the action. That is why we need to be very careful about what we say and what we do.”

“I hope that we will use this very challenging period to think deeply. We have built COSON to be there for musicians through thick and thin. We work hard to ensure that COSON takes care of musicians while they are alive and celebrates them even in death. Has anyone forgotten how in an unprecedented manner we buried the late Ras Kimono like a king?

Said the COSON Chairman, “Some people may think that because things are going well for them today, they will never need COSON. I have been in the industry long enough to know that the day will come when each of us needs an institution like COSON. When I hear people in our industry call on government to clamp down on COSON or that those who owe us money should not pay us, I ask why anyone would choose to urinate into a well from which he might soon draw water to drink when he is desperately thirsty”

Concluded Chief Okoroji, “I know that I cannot please everyone but I am working hard every day to lift up the musicians of Nigeria, promote and defend our industry and provide visible solutions to the problems of each of us. I have absolutely no interest in the cantankerous name calling and rabid character assassination which many appear to dwell in and which do not provide even one cup of garri for any Nigerian artiste or one cube of Maggi for his pot of soup”.

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Nomiis Gee - Ya Rasulallah

ya rasulallah

From the stables of KaiKauce Class, the self-acclaimed hausa Hip-hop Ambassador Nomiis Gee goes a bit off his conventional art form by venturing into a different genre that takes him to another spiritual realm with this song titled "Ya Rasulallah".

Ya Rasulallah which literally means "Messenger of Allah" is another name referred to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Nomiis Gee in a more calmer voice voices his lyrics with special praises for the prophet based on his physical attributes to the extent the artist wishes to see him appear in his dream.

The video which was shot by Kaikauce Class shows the diverse scenery of the holy lands of Mecca and Madina. With a lot of historical artifacts, the beautiful landscape and other important features, Nomiis Gee understands the importance of declaring his affection for Ya Rasulallah and the visuals says it all.

With cameo appearance from some notable superstars in the music and movie industry and other works of life in the north, the video is surely meant to cool your nerves and engulf you to the same realm that gave birth to the lyrical contents of the song.
Kindly watch the song below and listen affectionately. Feel free to share as sadaqatul jariah in this holy month of Ramadan.

                                                           YA RASULALLAH

Monday, 6 April 2020

Ricqy Ultra X Bmeri Aboki - Be Like Me

Ricqy Ultra and Bmeri Aboki are two heavyweights in the hausa hip-hop landscape. With both artists having a deep passion for the survival of the game, they drop this timely single titled "BE LIKE ME"  which tells a story about the humbleness of these dope emcees in the music terrain.

These emcees have endured a torrid time in the game and they now tell a story that will inspire most upcoming artists to keep their dreams alive. "Be Like Me" is a hip-hop song that will resonate your mind and make you ask questions that are well beyond your cognitive imagination.

According to Ricqy Ultra, a lot of upcoming artists always see us as role models and many of them find the game tough to come by. As they are trying to be like us, we on the other hand are working tirelessly to improve on our artistry and see how we push the music industry to the next level (especially in the north). As a matter of fact, patience and perseverance are two ingredients upcoming artists need to survive the difficult music terrain and most of them lack these fundamental skills. We have the talents in the north and Be Like Me is a song dedicated to those who see us as mentors and those who feel we have done enough to be worthy of respect. As for the pessimists, we literally don't care. We have a mission and focus and this song is just a tip of the iceberg.

Be Like Me was produced by multi-talented producer Simple Touch KefaZz who keeps churning hits with his most successful production that shook the northern entertainment industry "Kuna Ina". 

Sunday, 5 April 2020

WiseBrain - My Medicine

Igbo indigenous rapper, WiseBrain comes through with a brand new love song titled "My Medicine".

My Medicine produced by Liquid Mix serves as his second release for the year in review, a follow up to Jombolo.

The self-acclaimed king of banger (Eze-banger) has promised to drop more hits this year and advises his fans to stay tuned.

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Ricqy Ultra - Wetin Be Dis

Off his first studio EP titled F.E.A.R, Ricqy Ultra drops this song titled Wetin Be Dis. The song is a typical Afro-pop fusion with the artist taking an entire different step from his conventional rap skills and switching to the Afro rendition.

Wetin Be Dis is a pigin slang which translates to "What Is This?" From the verse lines which reads "Shei..wetin you carry for back no be curse?/ every bad man wan like to touch/ all the guys wan like to have your number/ dem don stand for road begin surrender/ even the old men don dey for younger/ your smile alone just dey strike dem like thunder.....listen to the whole song to get the real picture.

The song was produced by Simple Touch KefaZz and released under Ricqy Ultra's independent label QRY MUSIQ. 

Ricqy Ultra - Tsoro duet with Ibrahim Kast

TSORO is a song off the EP project from Ricqy Ultra titled F.E.A.R from his indie label QRY MUSIQ. The song features the legendary producer and singer Ibrahim Kast. The song tells a story as-similar to all upcoming artists. It is a song that is intended to encourage youths to pursue their dreams and show no sign of fear. 

"Their are a lot of obstacles out there but the greatest obstacles are mostly the people more closer to you. They could either discourage you in pursuing your dream or encourage you in achieving it" Ricqy Ultra said. The song no doubt is a wake up call for each and every one out there to stand up and face their greatest fear and conquer it once and for all. 

The song is a hip-hop song fine-tuned from the 90's hip-hop feel and carefully delivered by ace producer Ibrahim Kast, with the song mixed and mastered by Simple Touch KefaZz. The project was released under QRY MUSIQ imprint.

Sunday, 8 March 2020

Nomiis Gee - Fatima featuring Morell (VIDEO)

Hausa Hip-hop Ambassador Nomiis Gee finally drops the visuals to the much anticipated single titled "FATIMA".

The song which is specially dedicated to those bearing the name, most especially to his beloved wifey, entails details of the true African woman.

The song Fatima is a bumpy hip-hop song with Afrocentric feelings that can be felt with the presence of the flute been played in the song. Nomiis Gee carefully expresses the feelings he has for his wife Fatima and the caring nature of his so-called video vixen in the video.

Kindly watch the video below


Ricqy Ultra - Kill

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