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Saturday, 12 November 2016

KASYM (@kasimismail4) - ZAAKI [THE MIXTAPE]

KASYM aka KASMATIC is one of the uprising hausa hiphop heads in the entertainment industry. Representing FAME CITY GANG, he drops his first mixtape album titled ZAAKI.

ZAAKI means LION in the indidenous Hausa language. And once you are called ZAAKI, it means the KING OF tHE JUNGLE. Possibly, Kasym is out to let most rappers know that he is the KING OF THE RAP GAME.

With much lyrical prowess, hardcore punch lines, rich content and delectable delivery, the artist drops this 14 songs to keep your rears busy. With special features from BOC, Dr Smith, Shizzle, 9Plus, Elbo, Tuff case and FameCity gang, the song contains all you need.
Below is the tracklist of the much anticipated Mixtape ZAAKI

NAGAYSHEKA Ft Dr Smith &  Shizle
SHEGEN KAYA (Freestyle)
FLEX Ft Tuff Case

BAKA ft Fame City Gang

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Classiq (@classiq_) - Cant Touch This

cant touch

ClassiQ drops this brand new single straight out of his new label Arewa Mafia titled "Cant Touch This."

The song is the official first single from his well nurtured label. Whether the artist has parted ways with his former label, Finesse Entertainment, it still remains unclear, but Cant Touch This is just another song that takes you back to the old school days. Remember MC HAmmer?

Cant touch this can be downloaded below.
 Download mp3

Connect with Classiq via 
 Twitter: @classiQ_ 
Instagram: @classiq

Friday, 4 November 2016

Dabo Daprof - Lada Goma

lada 10 

Dabo Daprof as widely known by many is an artist and a house hold name in the Hausa hip-hop music Industry who dropped his maiden single titled LADA GOMA. A stand-up comedian, blogger, freelance journalist, radio presenter, writer and many more, this multi-talented artist has a lot in store. 

LADA GOMA is Dabo Daprof's first official single track. He has been featured in countless number of songs in the Hausa Hip-hop music industry. Among such notable features include Basu Da Dama by K-Arrows, 3 Kings alongside AB Kapon & Hazy DStar and Na God which features Ricqy Ultra, BOC and KefaZz. 

HE is also the brain behind hit Good-bye (Bankwana) with Sleeky [a member of the North Side Entertainers (N.S.E BOYS)], Aisha (Indo) with AleeGee just to mention a few.

Lada Goma will no doubt be a hit song in a nutshell. The Afro-centric rhythm, with a groovy, rich percussion and melodic feel of the song is just awesome. According to the artist, the song has been received by his fans with much anticipation right from the word go. It is a dream come through to see my first official single making such buzz across the Hausa Hip-hop sphere.

The song was produced, mixed and mastered by Nexcezz Beatz.

Download and listen up.


lada goma 
Socialize with Dabo Daprof via these mediums
Facebook:Dabo Daprof 

Tuesday, 1 November 2016


HausaTop Record presents a brand new single titled "TOH KAI (HUSTLE)" performed by a a duo-group called DOUBLE KIINGS. Double Kiings is an uprising act who hail from Kano state. They are underground artists who are in the game for fun. With their unique catchy style of music, they just want to make a unique impact in the music scene for their fans. 
This is their first official single as a crew. The song was produced by SonikMan. Download and listen up



power jams

POWER JAMS ON EXPRESS RADIO is a newly introduced program in the entertainment programmes of EXPRESS RADIO 90.3 FM. The aim of this program is to rejuvenate the legacy of hip-hop in the face of the world, most especially in Arewa were hip-hop has been perceived as a negative genre in the society. 

POWER JAMS is anchored by EL-YAQUB I.I. a.k.a MAHAKURCI MAWADACI. The program adds among the lists of programs currently running within the entertainment sphere in Kano State.

 POWER JAMS is powered by HAUSA HIPHOP WEB created to broaden the promotion of its brand, products and services to the hip-hop community. The broadband and network of HAUSA HIPHOP WEB has reached dramatic figures and it will continue to push as much as it can to arrest the negativity of hip-hop in the society.

The program will have a lot of segments currently lined up to entertain you. The duration of the program will be 30 minutes. Nonetheless, there is no boring moment in this exclusive program. POWER JAMS ON EXPRESS RADIO will be a program that will entertain you, educate you and broaden your mind on the real Hausa hip-hop entertainment in the music industry.

The Hausa hip-hop genre is one of the fastest music genre in Arewa. You can stream on the program LIVE on this platform if you just missed any of the ongoing editions via our Soundcloud platform (Stream Now).


Thursday, 20 October 2016

Kefazz X Ricqy Ultra X Freeman Alee X AB Kapon X Astone - Who Dey Help

who dey helpThere is always one person you turn to when you are in dire need of help. Sometimes, the road seems tough, but you end up asking "why me". Human beings are not reliable and that is why KefaZz and co are asking in this brilliant new song, "Who Dey Help?"

WHO DEY HELP is a song that has rich combinations of Afro-eccentric elements in the instrumentation, a hip-hop feel, and as well, a strong rhythmic accompaniment. The song was composed by KefaZz (Simple Touch) for KastiQ Media Productions. 

Opening the song is Ricqy Ultra with a different and unusual style that majority of his fans never knew he had. He is just unpredictable and he know how to deliver. Listen up to this rapper's version were he blended the "pigin English" and the Yoruba accent in this song to produce the Naija flava type of music.  

KefaZz, on the other hand, took his time to deliver a double lingual by spitting in English and Hausa dialect. The singer shows that he can't be left out when it comes to the rap game.  

Freeman Alee is another rap veteran who knows the basis of hardcore rap. His deeply controlled, punchlines are there for all to feel. In his line, he asked "Who do you rep? Is it man or God? I dey feel like the man on board."

Igbo based rapper, AB Kapon fiercely jumped on this song and shows that he is not one to be toyed with in the indigenous rap circle. His deep voice is just one that will definitely freeze you. Plus, AB Kapon wish to let everyone knows that he feels like a king in this song. Better bow down.

Lastly on the song is Astone. The Yaron Tumbin Giwa Crooner took on this song with his unique pattern. Listen to him and get to know him better with his seducing vocal talent.

Variety is the spice of life. this song will definitely remind people of Olamide's version of WHO YOU EPP. But hey! This is not a cover. Though the song followed the same rendition of the artist's hook, the concept sounds a lot better and the production is just amazing.

Produced by Simple Touch, the song was Mixed and mastered at KastiQ Media Productions.

Download and press repeat.


The song calls for humanity to help one another in terms of need. The song strongly supports the change policy adopted by the Federal Government seeking for Nigerians to move along and promote the "Change Begins With Me" slogan.

who dey help 
  INSTAGRAM: @kefasiliya824 
INSTAGRAM: @ricqyultra 
INSTAGRAM: @sadiqastone 
INSTAGRAM: @freestrikers 
Facebook: AB Kapon 
Facebook: Ricqy Ultra 
Facebook: Freeman Alee 
Facebook: Sadiq Astone

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

K-Arrowz - Wuya Ba Ta Kisa

 K-ARROWZ are a duo group of AJI and KBT. They are very unique in their way of representing the Hausa Hiphop genre. Here is a brand new music from the group titled "WUYA BA TA KISA".

AJI in this song WUYA BA TA KISA is a deep song that foretells the story behind people who suffer the fate of justice. There are different versions and stories as related by the artist in this touching song.

The meaning of the words is HARDSHIP NEVER KILLS. Coined from a typical Hausa proverb, the song contains a well arranged story line that if translated well, the video will be an epic.

"Everyday, our prisons keep increasing. Innocent people are been imprisoned without trials. Some spend months, even years. Some cant afford a lawyer to defend them. The cells are a horrible sight. It is the last place you would wish your enemy to be," said the artist.

"It is not a true life story about me, but it is an experience from other people that i decided to share with the world. Not everyone arrested is a criminal. it is just unfortunate that some people end up in the wrong place at the wrong time."

The song was produced by Simple Touch Kefazz (KastiQ Media Production).

Download and listen


FACEBOOK: KArrowz Kano
TWITTER: @Karrowz2


Ricqy Ultra - Zuma ft Lady Hany

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