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Thursday, 12 August 2021

Bmeri Aboki to release All Eyes On Me

Bmeri Aboki is a renowned Hausa Hip-hop artist based in Lagos Nigeria. Born and bred in Agege, he has carved a niche for himself in the streets of Agege which resulted in him being called the pseudonym aboki (which means friend).

Bmeri Aboki has dropped several tracks and he runs his independent label called BMA Entertainment. He was previously signed to popular rapper Eedrees Abdulkareem's LaKareem Records before switching as an indie artist after the expiration of his contract.

Bmeri Aboki dropped his second album recently titled MELE which is comprised of 15 tracks. Popular among the release are the songs Jini, Mele and Freestyle session. He is now spiced up to release a video from the album titled All eyes on me.

All eyes on me features Komandah with a snippet of the song released on his official Instagram handle. Bmeri Aboki wrote "I know you are all conversant with the phrase All eyes on me. So I decided to add this sing to the collection. Anticipate".

Listen to the album below

Monday, 9 August 2021

Ricqy Ultra & Nomiis Gee - Anzo Wurin Video

The two Hip-hop heavyweights in the northern realm of entertainment Nomiis Gee and Ricqy Ultra have finally unleashed their much anticipated visuals to the song Anzo Wurin.

The teaser was released some few months ago with fans so overwhelmed by the short teaser that they were anticipating for the full song. Anzo Wurin is finally out.

The visuals shows the two artists performing with a guest appearance from one of the most renowned dj in Kano, DJ Kool Babs who can be seen doing what he knows how to do best with choreography from Kinah AK and his crew.

Anzo Wurin is a song so full of vibe and the video certainly potrays all the essential ingredients that it needs. Arguably one of the best quality videos to drop this year in the Northern music scene, Anzo Wurin will surely reach a milestone soonest.

According to Ricqy Ultra, he wrote on his social media account about the project saying "Making music videos takes a lot of planning and execution as this project was one of the most challenging projects I have ever done." Ricqy  Ultra finally wrote "Finally glad to see it released. I do believe that the release of this project will open better doors of opportunities insha Allah.
#AnzoWurin #ricqyultra #nomiisgee #qrymusiq #kaikauce"

Watch the complete video below


Thursday, 5 August 2021



Daga Randa Radio Show is an entertainment program that promotes upcoming and talented hip-hop artists across the Northern realm of entertainment in Nigeria. The presentation is done using the mother tongue known in the land i.e. Hausa language.  The program is targeted basically for youths that love and see entertainment as a means of relaxation, recreation and inspiration. The radio show is broadcasted on some radio online platforms which include Jarida radio, Power Jams Radio, Sauti Radio and others. Enjoy this weekly show straight up at any time as presented by the delectable radio host, Ricqy Ultra aka Mr R aka More Money aka Mahakurci Mawadaci.



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FreiiBoi - Chill


FREIIBOI has released the official single to his much anticipated single titled CHILL. The artist drops this exciting song under the indie label BlueSounds Records as he is personally managed by his hardworking dad, TY Shaban.

CHILL is an afro-pop song that tells a story about the love he has for his family. A very heartwarming song produced by Don Adah. He has released singles like Amarya, Waka da Sauti, Taka Rawa, Kawai amongst others. 

Freiiboi is also an aspiring young actor who has featured in a handle of Kannywood movies with his last role being Sani Star in the movie Tauraron Boye. He has equally had collaborations with some notable names in the music industry like Bmeri Aboki, Hany Billy O and others.

Kindly watch the lyrics video below.

DJ AB - Lukuti [Audio + Video]

After much hype and success following the drop of the song Lukuti, KD's most suuccessful and trending artist DJ AB released the visuals to the hilarious song.

The video was directed by Feeizy courtesy of Empawa whom he has been working with ever since his affiliation to the brand company courtesy of its founder, Mr Eazi.

The visuals to the song is quite entertaining with seamless transitions and a lot of theatrics to show the uniqueness and quality of the project in its entirety. 

Stream and watch below.


Morell has released the visuals of Mulki

Morell has finally released the visuals to his much anticipated single titled MULKI. This followed after the imminent release of a freestyle version of the song.

MULKI has been a project that has took quite a long time to be released and it dropped without any prior notice from the vibrant artist. 

Mulki is a word in Hausa which means "regime" or "to lead" as the case might be.  After dropping the viral video for the song some few weeks back, he has finally unleashed the full visuals. Morell is generally sounding a warning to the new and upcoming acts to get their acts right and realise that he is the one ruling the music game.

Watch the visuals to the song mulki by Morell below. 



Rihanna ta zama hamshakiyar attajira

Mashahuriyar mawakiya Rihanna wanda asalin sunan ta Robyn Fenty ce, ta zama hamshakiyar attajira.

Jaridar Forbes ne suka tabbatar da hakan bayan da suka bayyana cewa dukiyar Rihanna ya kai kimanin biliyan $1.7 wanda wannan ke nunin cewa ita ce kan gaba a jerin hamshaken attajirai da tafi kowa yawan arziki a fannin mawaka mata. Sannan kuwa ta zama itace ta biyu a cikin jerin hamshaken mata masu arziki a fannin nishadi bayan Oprah Winfrey.

Yanzu Rihanna ta shafa shekaru biyar kenan tun da ta saki kundin fefen wakar ta mai sunan "Anti" wanda ta samu gurbi a cikin jerin kundin wakokin Billboard har satika 63. Ta dau wannan tsawon lokacin ne wurin fadada harkar kasuwancin ta mai sunan Fenty Beauty wanda kamfani ne na kayan kwalliyan mata da kuma kamfanin Savage X Fenty wanda kamfani ne na kamfai irin na mata.

Jaridar Forbes sun kiyasta dukiyar ta na Fenty Beauty ya kai kimanin dalla biliya 2.8. A shekarar 2018 lokacin da aka fara gudannar da cinikayya, kamfanin ya samu ribar kimanin dalla miliyan 550, wanda yayi nuni da cewa sun samu riba fiye da kamfanonin takwaran ta irin su Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian da Jessica Alba.

Duba da cewa an samu tsaiko saboda annubar cutar corona a shekarar da ta gabata, kamfanoni masu sarrafa kayan kwalliya suna cigaba da samun matukar riba da nasarori.

A halin yanzu dai, masoyan ta na korafin cewa harkar ado da kwalliya ya dauki lokacin ta sosai wanda ya hana ta sakin kundin fefe tun shekarar 2016. Suna marmarin ganin ta dawo sakin wakoki kaman da. Ko da dai za a iya cewa kwalliya ta biya kudin sabulu duba da irin gagarumin nasarar da ta samu.


Ricqy Ultra - Zuma ft Lady Hany

After much success from the recently released joint collaboration on the song Anzo Wurin with Nomiis Gee,  Ricqy Ultra just p...