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Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Nomiis Gee - Ya Rasulallah

ya rasulallah

From the stables of KaiKauce Class, the self-acclaimed hausa Hip-hop Ambassador Nomiis Gee goes a bit off his conventional art form by venturing into a different genre that takes him to another spiritual realm with this song titled "Ya Rasulallah".

Ya Rasulallah which literally means "Messenger of Allah" is another name referred to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Nomiis Gee in a more calmer voice voices his lyrics with special praises for the prophet based on his physical attributes to the extent the artist wishes to see him appear in his dream.

The video which was shot by Kaikauce Class shows the diverse scenery of the holy lands of Mecca and Madina. With a lot of historical artifacts, the beautiful landscape and other important features, Nomiis Gee understands the importance of declaring his affection for Ya Rasulallah and the visuals says it all.

With cameo appearance from some notable superstars in the music and movie industry and other works of life in the north, the video is surely meant to cool your nerves and engulf you to the same realm that gave birth to the lyrical contents of the song.
Kindly watch the song below and listen affectionately. Feel free to share as sadaqatul jariah in this holy month of Ramadan.

                                                           YA RASULALLAH

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