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Friday, 31 January 2020

Tweeter on fire as Kano followers respond to Kaduna followers over tweeter memes.

In recent days, the sudden feud between Kano and Kaduna all took another turn with a lot of comparisons being made. No one knows the actual source of all this but one thing for sure is, none of their representatives will just shut up and watch. 

Social media troll is one aspect that a lot of youths are engaged in. Some may be hilarious and entertaining while for others, they don't take it lightly which sometimes leads to curses/abuses rained on whoever sparks it.

A tweeter user with the username Queen of the North started the conversation with a meme depicting two cosmetic brands. While one was indicating a toning cream and the other brand indicating a more natural way of maintenance, it didn't go down well with the tweeter followers from Kano. Kindly read their responses below. 

Who do you think won?

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