Saturday, 16 December 2017

Ricqy Ultra - Xigger

XIGGER is another single from Ricqy Ultra's "Welcome To Zoo Road" Mixtape Project which has a rich and unique rap style that is rarely heard from most rap songs nowadays. 

XIGGER is a Rap song about how people snitch behind their hommies back but sing praises when they are together. Xigger sounds like Hip-hop and Trap but with a blend of Hip-hop R&B/Pop blend in the delivery.

You can also download the full mixtape by clicking here

For more info, connect with Ricqy Ultra via 
Website: www.ricqyultra.com
E-mail: ricqyultra1@gmail.com
Facebook: Ricqy-Ultra Reborn
Instagram: @ricqyultra
Twitter: @ricqyultra
Facebook Page: Ricqy Ultra
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