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Thursday, 7 December 2017


Ricqy Ultra recently dropped his mixtape project titled Welcome To Zoo Road. Busy is one of the songs released off this breathtaking project.

BUSY is a Hip-hop song about how committed the Ricqy Ultra is to  his affairs and is letting everyone know that he is so busy hustling that, he aint got time to engage in negative thoughts like backbitting, spreading rumours, beefing or showing hate. 

The song sounds like a POP and Hip-Hop but with influences from Trap.

You can also download the full mixtape by clicking here

For more info, connect with Ricqy Ultra via 
Website: www.ricqyultra.com
E-mail: ricqyultra1@gmail.com
Facebook: Ricqy-Ultra Reborn
Instagram: @ricqyultra
Twitter: @ricqyultra
Facebook Page: Ricqy Ultra
Reverbnation: Ricqy Ultra
Soundcloud: Ricqy Ultra

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