Sunday, 24 September 2017

Ricqy Ultra - Never Say Goodbye

never say goodbye

Ricqy Ultra drops this soothing song titled NEVER SAY GOODBYE as a tribute to the late Arewa youngest hausa hip-hop rapper, Ameer Hassan a.k.a Lil Amir who passed away recently.

The song  "Never Say Goodbye" is a unique breed with a poetic angle to the lyrical ability of Ricqy Ultra. He did some poetic justice in the introduction of the song which when asked by our close source, he titled the poem "Graveyard of Dreams".

Nonetheless, the hook of the song says it all. With his unique ability to fine-tune the Hausa/English language in his own type of music, Ricqy Ultra voiced out his heart in this touching, melodic tune. With the first stanza being a rap verse, Ricqy Ultra for the first time blended his rap-singing ability in the second stanza.

Download Never Say Goodbye and listen straight up to this song.
Never Say Goodbye mp3

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