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Thursday, 27 April 2017

YHA - RAYUWA featuring WHIMZ C

YHA is an upcoming artist who recently dropped this single titled RAYUWA.

RAYUWA is a Hausa word which means LIFE and the gradual acceptance of Hausa hip-hop has given room to this wonderful song. Rayuwa features Whimz C. The hook was sang using another important language in Nigeria, Yoruba.

In summary, life is nothing but a lesson which is based on YHA's true life experience. Going through the lyrics of the song in his first verse "Sleeping all day but you praying for A, how can it be A if you don't work for it" whereas in his second verse he tried to shows that "When you work hard you will achieve anything in life" in his third verse he figures out that "Whatever you do people will keep criticizing but as time goes on everything will surely pass and we will all pass away one day".

Download and listen up to this dope song.
YHA_Rayuwa_Feat_Whimz C

#ItsAllAboutThreeLatters #YHA #DIR #SDH

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