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Sunday, 26 February 2017

K-Arrowz - BAIWA featuring WhimZ C


K-ARROWZ is known for speaking reality and this song BAIWA is another exclusive song dropped to confront the issue.

BAIWA is a native Hausa word which means "GIFTED" and this group expressed their mind in this conscious track which features highly rated and upcoming artist that resides in the heart of Kano City, Whimz C.

BAIWA is a song that will keep your mind unconscious for a while because the reality picture has been painted in words. People are well endowed with riches but they neither pay their tites nor give zakkat to the needy.

Their quest for greed brings nothing but poverty at the doorsteps of those who need their help. They only fend for themselves and thier family while neglecting their humanitarian service.

Another aspect addressed by the artist is the storyline on how hunger drove someone to steal a bread just to eat and quench his hunger.Unfortunately, he was caught and nearly mobbed until a police van full of cops came to the thiefs rescue.

When a police officer saw the situation of the petty thief, he bought him a soft drink and told him to eat the bread along with it. What he saw in the thief was nothing but hunger.

This song is so touching that you will feel the empathy running through your veins. Download and listen to K-Arrowz's new single titled BAIWA.


TWITTER: @Karrowz2
Facebook: Aji K-Arrowz
Instagram: K-Arrowz

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