Sunday, 1 January 2017

Saeed Nagudu - Abdulrahman

abdulrahman Saeed Nagudu is among the few Hausa contemporary artist who have worked with a lot of multi-talented artists. He has carved a niche for himself no doubt with his sultry, soft spoken vocal ability. You really need to listen to ABDULRAHMAN.

ABULRAHMAN is the latest single dropped by the artist this year. The storyline is about a young man who is set to travel out of the shores to a foreign land, leaving behind his brother. While trying to get in touch with him via social media handles, phonecalls, text messages and other available options, he realised too late that ABULRAHMAN was already gone.

His brother who is passionately in love with his God-father, sings a song to soothe his ailing heart. He spends the rest of the days with Abdulrahman visiting parks, riverside and other places. All of these happened before Abdulrahman finally left.

The video is indeed a touching one with a conscious, contemporary art that defines Hausa music in its purest, melodic form. This song is indeed an insatiable gift for your loved one anytime, anyday. The video was directed and shot by Burema.

Download and watch.

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