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Tuesday, 1 November 2016


power jams

POWER JAMS ON EXPRESS RADIO is a newly introduced program in the entertainment programmes of EXPRESS RADIO 90.3 FM. The aim of this program is to rejuvenate the legacy of hip-hop in the face of the world, most especially in Arewa were hip-hop has been perceived as a negative genre in the society. 

POWER JAMS is anchored by EL-YAQUB I.I. a.k.a MAHAKURCI MAWADACI. The program adds among the lists of programs currently running within the entertainment sphere in Kano State.

 POWER JAMS is powered by HAUSA HIPHOP WEB created to broaden the promotion of its brand, products and services to the hip-hop community. The broadband and network of HAUSA HIPHOP WEB has reached dramatic figures and it will continue to push as much as it can to arrest the negativity of hip-hop in the society.

The program will have a lot of segments currently lined up to entertain you. The duration of the program will be 30 minutes. Nonetheless, there is no boring moment in this exclusive program. POWER JAMS ON EXPRESS RADIO will be a program that will entertain you, educate you and broaden your mind on the real Hausa hip-hop entertainment in the music industry.

The Hausa hip-hop genre is one of the fastest music genre in Arewa. You can stream on the program LIVE on this platform if you just missed any of the ongoing editions via our Soundcloud platform (Stream Now).


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