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Friday, 26 February 2016


NA GOD is a song that will shift your attention towards the positive side of life. Four (4) emcees, four (4) lyrical bars seeking attention & four (4) products of Arewa breeds.

B.O.C Madaki is one of the most outstanding emcees currently making headline in Beehive (Bauchi State) and beyond. He has dropped a lot of singles lately and had so many collaborations with other emcees in the game. After dropping his NO ENGLISH Mixtape, B.O.C had the privelege of opening this song with his lyrical prowess.

B.O.C had these words to say "Miskini suke kira na da na fara wey my style is odd oo.....Now like play like play my songs don dey travel abroad ooo...i aint even far from banging all up the awards oo...." Well he's banged the award for MVP, BEST HIPHOP SONG & BEST VIEWERS CHOICE at the BEEHIVE 2015 AWARDS and he's aiming higher.

KEFAZz a.k.a SIMPLE TOUCH is one of the best upcoming producers out of the Pyramid City of Kano. He has been cooking beats after beats and also a sound engineer. KefaZz is a gospel artist but guess what! He shows how multi-talented he is by dropping some punchlines in this song NA GOD. "Sam baza su gane ba...Na the blessings of God dey boku-boku". Well, the hausa hip-hop nation will definately believe that KefaZz is indeed blessed.

RICQY ULTRA a.k.a Mahakurci, Mawadaci is another Rap Prodigy in the making. Representing the Pyramid City of Kano, Ricqy Ultra is gradually becoming a household name in the mouth of hausa-hiphop lovers. His recent work with Saeed Nagudu titled RA'AYI NA has inspired a lot of music lovers. He is currently the most respected hip-hop act in Kano State of Nigeria. Nominated in the AMMA AWARDS 2015 for NEW AGE MUSIC AWARD, he is already raising the stakes higher in the hiphop industry.

In his verse, he said "Fans kulun tambaya suke ko akwai wani latest omo NA GOD....Ga kira da text, tweeting, pinging, liking ba adadi omo NA GOD.....". When interviewed, RICQY ULTRA said a lot of fans are just not tired of asking him for latest songs. As a matter of fact, he had to release a mixtape album titled HATE IT OR LOVE IT to appease his fans. Ricqy Ultra is currently working on his first debut album which is set to drop by APRIL 2016.

DABO DAPROF is a rising act and an upcoming comedian in the entertainment industry. He is well known in one of the singles he featured alongside AB KAPON & HAZY D'Star titled 3 KINGS. The song brought him into the limelight and he went as far as appearing in the music video BASU DA DAMA which had K-ARROWZ with RICQY ULTRA and AB KAPON.

The Igala born artist is a Kano-based entertainer. He recently dropped his single titled GOODBYE (Bankwana). In this song NA GOD, he said iationin his lyrics "For the life wey we don see omo NA GOD oo....For the fans wey we done get omo NA GOD oo....For today wey i don see omo NA GOD oo....For the airplay we dey get omo NA GOD oo...". His appreciation knows no bound.

The song NA GOD was produced by SIMPLE TOUCH (KEFAZz) for KASTIQ MEDIA PODUCTIONS. SIMPLE TOUCH is a Bauchi born Upcoming Producer who has produced a lot of artists in the northern realm. He has produced for artists like Ricqy Ultra, Saeed Nagudu, K-Arrowz, T.Y.G, AB Kapon, Tagwayen Asali, Freeman Alli, DJ Mai Sauti, Clara, A-Stone,Y.H.A, Neezy Fresh,JS DEE,Genius, Menshak, Miss B-RAH,Blessing O among others.

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