Friday, 29 January 2016


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 The Viewers choice votters category for the AREWA MUSIC & MOVIE AWARD (AMMA) Season 3 has just ended. The beauty of this category lies on the fact that viewers/listeners in the entertainment circle can vote for their stars. Hausa Hiphop has been quite fortunate to keep a lot of our followers updated on the events that unfolded during the whole 60 days of vote hunting, most especially from the recipients. AMMA website has so far recorded an amazing figure of 196,337 visits.

The site if you can recall was officially unveiled to the public on 24/11/2015. with 5 categories dedicated to the music category in this years AMMA Season 3, music enthusiasts and stakeholders are calling for more categories to be included in the viewers choice category to allow fans to vote more.

Below is a full summary of the polls gathered from the Music category of tthe Viewers Chopice Category.
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