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Tuesday, 20 December 2016



There is simply no doubt that RICQY ULTRA has been one of the most unswerving hip-hop heads in the music landscape particularly, HAUSA HIPHOP. He drops this startling mixtape he titles SIMPLY ULTRALISTIC.

This is the third (3rd) mixtape project from the artist within a single calendar year. He dropped HATE IT OR LOVE IT Vol. I and within the same week, unleashed the follow-up HATE IT OR LOVE IT Vol. II. His unquenchable desire to give his devoted fans what they need prompted him to drop a single titled NA FASO. He hinted on dropping his maiden album to be titled MAHAKURCI MAWADACI, but without prior notice, unleashed this 10-track mixtape album SIMPLY ULTRALISTIC.

Ricqy Ultra is known for his unique and precise way of delivering his lines o any hip-hop invented beat. He is an authoritarian when it comes to voicing out his mind most especially, on the microphone. He was one of the most featured artists in the Hausa hip-hop scene, particularly in Kano State, Nigeria. He has collaborated with almost every known artist both in the rap game and in the contemporary music circle.

The second artwork shows the artist dressed in white. The color represents peace, illumination, faith, sterility, protection, possibility and tranquility within the artist’s mindset. The two wolves signify him being the alpha of the pack in the hip-hop game. Wolves are known to be very sociable, secretive, highly intelligent and most of all, territorial. All these attributes are related to why the album was termed SIMPLY ULTRALISTIC.


Simply Ultralistic.zip - 48.1 MB

The total duration of the mixtape is 43 minutes, 6 seconds.  The mixtape boasts of works from Lt. John, KefaZz (Simple Touch) and NexceZz Beatz. There is also a production credit from US based producer, Paul Cabbin. Simply Ultralistic [The Mixtape Vol.III] is a must have for any straight-thinking hip-hop stalwart.

With 10 songs available in this mixtape, the quality placed on the delivery, lyrical content, production, mixing, mastering and packaging is close to 100%.

The album comes with two different artworks which have different meanings portrayed.

By close examination, Ricqy Ultra can be visibly seen in a black-coloured hoody, spotting the designer logo by K-SWISS. His face reveals a fierce looking stare with a bloody-red pupil which signifies his passion for the rap game (also,symbolizing the pain he has faced in the hip-hop game). The eyes are the windows to the soul.

The veins across the right side of his face symbolises his thirst for lyrics which gives him that wild-look. The skeletal outlook on the left-side of his face reveals the mystical side of the artist that people can hardly see. It indicates the temporary nature of earthly life, in other words, everybody dies. The skull is the lasting legacy of human ingenuity. This can be told by the smiley look on his lips, telling you that none knows anything about him (just yet in the music scene). The black background signifies supremacy, seriousness,  passion, fury and mystery.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Lyrics - Ricqy Ultra - Na Faso


Throw some money in the air
Throw some money in the air
Throw some money in the air
Throw some money in the gotham air
Throw some money in the air
Throw some money in the air
Throw some money in the air
Throw some money in the gotham air


Wait Wait Tsaya
Lemme introduce myself
I was born in K city
Asalin dan kasa
Sit back, relax & listen to this beat
Bringing back the old school
I was born in the 80s
So many emcees wai zasu ja da ni
Toh ga igiya, nine rijiya
Plus i've got a lot of rhymes ai kaca kaca
toh ga guga sai kuzo ku ja
nine charger,in ba ni ba wuta
Nine simcard, in ba ni ba kira
Nine network, in ba ni ba kira
Dan Asharalle ai ya san da ni
ko Dan Kwairo ai ya san da ni
Ko Dan indo ai ya san dani
Ali Makaho ai ya san da ni
Kai Dan Anace ma ya san da ni


Looking fresh so fly Na faso gari
babban yaro ya faso gari
wai ina suke ne ya faso gari
Toh ga jarumi ya faso gari
Looking fresh so fly Na faso gari
babban yaro ya faso gari
wai ina suke ne ya faso gari
Toh ga jarumi ya faso gari


Da na hau kan stage with my brand new swag
Sai ga yan kalo suna mamaki
Who is this nigger?
baby na ta asking
Ha ha ha
Oh boy e no funny
Na who dey form emcee when i get Dabo Daprof
You dey form sarki?
I get sarkin Kano
Babban gwamna sai ka zo Kano
Siyasa dai sai ka zo Kano
Masu kudin ma sai kazo Kano
Ko ilimin ma sai kazo Kano
Yan matan ma Kano ne ita ce tak
Gayu da taku sai kazo Kano
Emcees da lyrics sai ka zo Kano
Sana'a da noma sai kazo Kano
Dan Masanin Kano shi yasan Kano

Looking fresh so fly Na faso gari
babban yaro ya faso gari
wai ina suke ne ya faso gari
Toh ga jarumi ya faso gari
Looking fresh so fly Na faso gari
babban yaro ya faso gari
wai ina suke ne ya faso gari
Toh ga jarumi ya faso gari


Da na ce up NEPA sai ga wuta
Wai Ricqy Ultra ya basu wuta
Excuse me fine lady
You look beautiful
I love the way you smile
Toh sai anjuma
Mamaki take turanci nake
Are you from U.S?
Ki tambayi Ziriums
Babban magana ga kuturu da zobe
Aikin banza kiba a kunne
Aikin banza kiba a kunne
Ga wani na wa duwawu lalle
Ricqy Ultra ya mamaye garin
Dan suna na ya baza gari
Sarkin Kano zai shirya mini daba (durbar)
Yan Zaria suna mini fata
Yan Bauchi a kawo mini masa
Yan Abuja suna da nairori
Zo muje fada mu hau farin doki

Looking fresh so fly Na faso gari
babban yaro ya faso gari
wai ina suke ne ya faso gari
Toh ga jarumi ya faso gari
Looking fresh so fly Na faso gari
babban yaro ya faso gari
wai ina suke ne ya faso gari
Toh ga jarumi ya faso gari

Ricqy Ultra Saysss

Ga big boy ya faso gari
Ku ban hanya na faso gari
Babban yaro ya faso gari
Ga bobo ya faso gari
Ga big boy ya faso gari
Ku ban hanya na faso gari
Babban yaro ya faso gari
Ga bobo ya faso gari

Nine mahakurci Nine mawadaci
Kune mahakurta Kune mawadata
Nine mahakurci Nine mawadaci
Kune mahakurta Kune mawadata

Ha ha haaa
Kai ha ha haaaa
Kai ha ha haaaa
KAI (Echo)

Simple Touch KefaZz on this mix
Lyrics written & composed by
El-Yaqub I.I (Ricqy Ultra)

TWITTER: @ricqyultra
INSTAGRAM: ricqyultra
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/meetricqyultra
FACEBOOK FANPAGE: www.facebook.com/ricqyultrasays
E-MAIL: ricqyultra1@gmail.com

Ricqy Ultra [@ricqyultra] - Na Faso

RICQY ULTRA aka MAHAKURCI MAWADACI is working on releasing anothe mixtape album. He is officially unveiling this first single off the album titled NA FASO.

NA FASO (meaning I AM BACK) is 100% real hiphop. The song was coined from the classic song performed by Mack Morrison's Return of the Mack in the year 1996. The song is indeed a rejuvenation of another new genre Hausa hip-hop from Ricqy Ultra.

The song's lyrics was originally written and composed by the artist himself. He tells a simple story of how emcees think they are far much better than others when they really are not. Likewise, he took the time to throw special praises on some legendary Hausa music artists like Dan Asharalle, Sani Dan indo, Ali Makaho, and others.

The song is an instant classic. NA FASO will definately get your headed nodded. The concept of the song is just too unique. Mixed and Mastered by KefaZz (Simple Touch), the song's play time stands at 4minutes 32 seconds. It contains rich vocal manipulations from Ricqy Ultra with almost 4-5 distinct voices laced on the track.

"The song is just a single from my upcoming mixtape project titled SIMPLY ULTRALISTIC. I will be releasing maybe another single before rolling out the Mixtape tracklist. My fans will see another reborn. It contains more Hausa lyrics than my previous Hate It or Love It project. I just want to round up this year on a good mood" says RICQY ULTRA.

Download and listen to this.


TWITTER: @ricqyultra
INSTAGRAM: ricqyultra
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/meetricqyultra
FACEBOOK FANPAGE: www.facebook.com/ricqyultrasays
E-MAIL: ricqyultra1@gmail.com

Monday, 21 November 2016

Dr Pure - Labari

Download this brand new joint from Dr Pure titled Labari.

Labari is  a song that is definately conscious and speaks a story of itself. The song is a cover of Chris Brown's Don't Judge Me.

A lot of emcees are going conscious theses days and Dr Pure is not left out in the cold. Labari means Story in the native Hausa Language.

Download below
Download mp3

Gali Landmak (@galilandmak) - Addua

 Ghali landmak is an artist/producer based in Lagos. he drops another exclusive single titled ADDUA.

The song is a conscious song that potrays the true life story of the artist which he revealed in verse 3 of the song.

The artist narrated how he was robbed off his international passport, money and ticket on his way to a foreign land. After the incidence, he had to pick up every bit and pieces of his life back.

The touch lyrics will make you listen to the song over and over again. Download and listen to this dope song.


Bmeri Aboki (@bmeriaboki3) - Ciwon So

Bmeri Aboki drops another brand new single titled CIWON SO. The Lagos-born artist wastes no time in expressing what he feels for humanity in this deep conscious song.

Ciwon So is a sound serenading song that is recently released by the artist. The song has so far crept into the hearts of young loving Nigerians, most especially in Arewa.

The song will make you reason and understand the realities buried within the walls of every home, how women are maltreated and how they are abused in the matrimonial homes.

Download and enjoy
Download mp3

ciwon so

Nexcezz Beatz - The Lazarus Effect 3

NexceZzBeatz drops his third studio instrumental album titled The Lazarus Effect Vol 3 [The Awakening].

The album contains exclusive genres of hiphop instrumentals that can be used for your mixtape or album project. The Lazarus Effect Vol 3 will definately get your mind prepared on a conscious level with epic beats, hardcore beats, trap beat and afro-hiphop beatz for a variety to spice your brains up.

The album contains 14 instrumentals with hi-tech mix. Project was carried out by Kano City's dope producer, NexceZz Beatz. Kindly check out the album track list below

  1.  All In
  2. An African Vampire's Life
  3. Day of hate
  4. Devil's deal
  5. Dr Jeckyl & Mr. Hyde
  6. Fortified
  7. Juba Africa
  8. Lamba
  9. Mai Sona
  10. Over
  11. Shadow Of The Almighty
  12. Sugarcane
  13. Trap Hiphop
  14. Twin Effect

Saturday, 12 November 2016

KASYM (@kasimismail4) - ZAAKI [THE MIXTAPE]

KASYM aka KASMATIC is one of the uprising hausa hiphop heads in the entertainment industry. Representing FAME CITY GANG, he drops his first mixtape album titled ZAAKI.

ZAAKI means LION in the indidenous Hausa language. And once you are called ZAAKI, it means the KING OF tHE JUNGLE. Possibly, Kasym is out to let most rappers know that he is the KING OF THE RAP GAME.

With much lyrical prowess, hardcore punch lines, rich content and delectable delivery, the artist drops this 14 songs to keep your rears busy. With special features from BOC, Dr Smith, Shizzle, 9Plus, Elbo, Tuff case and FameCity gang, the song contains all you need.
Below is the tracklist of the much anticipated Mixtape ZAAKI

NAGAYSHEKA Ft Dr Smith &  Shizle
SHEGEN KAYA (Freestyle)
FLEX Ft Tuff Case

BAKA ft Fame City Gang

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Classiq (@classiq_) - Cant Touch This

cant touch

ClassiQ drops this brand new single straight out of his new label Arewa Mafia titled "Cant Touch This."

The song is the official first single from his well nurtured label. Whether the artist has parted ways with his former label, Finesse Entertainment, it still remains unclear, but Cant Touch This is just another song that takes you back to the old school days. Remember MC HAmmer?

Cant touch this can be downloaded below.
 Download mp3

Connect with Classiq via 
 Twitter: @classiQ_ 
Instagram: @classiq

Friday, 4 November 2016

Dabo Daprof - Lada Goma

lada 10 

Dabo Daprof as widely known by many is an artist and a house hold name in the Hausa hip-hop music Industry who dropped his maiden single titled LADA GOMA. A stand-up comedian, blogger, freelance journalist, radio presenter, writer and many more, this multi-talented artist has a lot in store. 

LADA GOMA is Dabo Daprof's first official single track. He has been featured in countless number of songs in the Hausa Hip-hop music industry. Among such notable features include Basu Da Dama by K-Arrows, 3 Kings alongside AB Kapon & Hazy DStar and Na God which features Ricqy Ultra, BOC and KefaZz. 

HE is also the brain behind hit Good-bye (Bankwana) with Sleeky [a member of the North Side Entertainers (N.S.E BOYS)], Aisha (Indo) with AleeGee just to mention a few.

Lada Goma will no doubt be a hit song in a nutshell. The Afro-centric rhythm, with a groovy, rich percussion and melodic feel of the song is just awesome. According to the artist, the song has been received by his fans with much anticipation right from the word go. It is a dream come through to see my first official single making such buzz across the Hausa Hip-hop sphere.

The song was produced, mixed and mastered by Nexcezz Beatz.

Download and listen up.


lada goma 
Socialize with Dabo Daprof via these mediums
Facebook:Dabo Daprof 

Tuesday, 1 November 2016


HausaTop Record presents a brand new single titled "TOH KAI (HUSTLE)" performed by a a duo-group called DOUBLE KIINGS. Double Kiings is an uprising act who hail from Kano state. They are underground artists who are in the game for fun. With their unique catchy style of music, they just want to make a unique impact in the music scene for their fans. 
This is their first official single as a crew. The song was produced by SonikMan. Download and listen up



power jams

POWER JAMS ON EXPRESS RADIO is a newly introduced program in the entertainment programmes of EXPRESS RADIO 90.3 FM. The aim of this program is to rejuvenate the legacy of hip-hop in the face of the world, most especially in Arewa were hip-hop has been perceived as a negative genre in the society. 

POWER JAMS is anchored by EL-YAQUB I.I. a.k.a MAHAKURCI MAWADACI. The program adds among the lists of programs currently running within the entertainment sphere in Kano State.

 POWER JAMS is powered by HAUSA HIPHOP WEB created to broaden the promotion of its brand, products and services to the hip-hop community. The broadband and network of HAUSA HIPHOP WEB has reached dramatic figures and it will continue to push as much as it can to arrest the negativity of hip-hop in the society.

The program will have a lot of segments currently lined up to entertain you. The duration of the program will be 30 minutes. Nonetheless, there is no boring moment in this exclusive program. POWER JAMS ON EXPRESS RADIO will be a program that will entertain you, educate you and broaden your mind on the real Hausa hip-hop entertainment in the music industry.

The Hausa hip-hop genre is one of the fastest music genre in Arewa. You can stream on the program LIVE on this platform if you just missed any of the ongoing editions via our Soundcloud platform (Stream Now).


Thursday, 20 October 2016

Kefazz X Ricqy Ultra X Freeman Alee X AB Kapon X Astone - Who Dey Help

who dey helpThere is always one person you turn to when you are in dire need of help. Sometimes, the road seems tough, but you end up asking "why me". Human beings are not reliable and that is why KefaZz and co are asking in this brilliant new song, "Who Dey Help?"

WHO DEY HELP is a song that has rich combinations of Afro-eccentric elements in the instrumentation, a hip-hop feel, and as well, a strong rhythmic accompaniment. The song was composed by KefaZz (Simple Touch) for KastiQ Media Productions. 

Opening the song is Ricqy Ultra with a different and unusual style that majority of his fans never knew he had. He is just unpredictable and he know how to deliver. Listen up to this rapper's version were he blended the "pigin English" and the Yoruba accent in this song to produce the Naija flava type of music.  

KefaZz, on the other hand, took his time to deliver a double lingual by spitting in English and Hausa dialect. The singer shows that he can't be left out when it comes to the rap game.  

Freeman Alee is another rap veteran who knows the basis of hardcore rap. His deeply controlled, punchlines are there for all to feel. In his line, he asked "Who do you rep? Is it man or God? I dey feel like the man on board."

Igbo based rapper, AB Kapon fiercely jumped on this song and shows that he is not one to be toyed with in the indigenous rap circle. His deep voice is just one that will definitely freeze you. Plus, AB Kapon wish to let everyone knows that he feels like a king in this song. Better bow down.

Lastly on the song is Astone. The Yaron Tumbin Giwa Crooner took on this song with his unique pattern. Listen to him and get to know him better with his seducing vocal talent.

Variety is the spice of life. this song will definitely remind people of Olamide's version of WHO YOU EPP. But hey! This is not a cover. Though the song followed the same rendition of the artist's hook, the concept sounds a lot better and the production is just amazing.

Produced by Simple Touch, the song was Mixed and mastered at KastiQ Media Productions.

Download and press repeat.


The song calls for humanity to help one another in terms of need. The song strongly supports the change policy adopted by the Federal Government seeking for Nigerians to move along and promote the "Change Begins With Me" slogan.

who dey help 
  INSTAGRAM: @kefasiliya824 
INSTAGRAM: @ricqyultra 
INSTAGRAM: @sadiqastone 
INSTAGRAM: @freestrikers 
Facebook: AB Kapon 
Facebook: Ricqy Ultra 
Facebook: Freeman Alee 
Facebook: Sadiq Astone

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

K-Arrowz - Wuya Ba Ta Kisa

 K-ARROWZ are a duo group of AJI and KBT. They are very unique in their way of representing the Hausa Hiphop genre. Here is a brand new music from the group titled "WUYA BA TA KISA".

AJI in this song WUYA BA TA KISA is a deep song that foretells the story behind people who suffer the fate of justice. There are different versions and stories as related by the artist in this touching song.

The meaning of the words is HARDSHIP NEVER KILLS. Coined from a typical Hausa proverb, the song contains a well arranged story line that if translated well, the video will be an epic.

"Everyday, our prisons keep increasing. Innocent people are been imprisoned without trials. Some spend months, even years. Some cant afford a lawyer to defend them. The cells are a horrible sight. It is the last place you would wish your enemy to be," said the artist.

"It is not a true life story about me, but it is an experience from other people that i decided to share with the world. Not everyone arrested is a criminal. it is just unfortunate that some people end up in the wrong place at the wrong time."

The song was produced by Simple Touch Kefazz (KastiQ Media Production).

Download and listen


FACEBOOK: KArrowz Kano
TWITTER: @Karrowz2

GMA ft Ricqy Ultra - Never Leave


GMA is an upcoming artist based in the ancient pyramid city of Kano. He is an artist under his crew's self-acclaimed label, G-Star Boys. He drops his first official single titled "Never Leave" which features Ricqy Ultra.

"Never Leave" is a song that contains rich words that will make a girl wow. GMA tells a story about the girl that means the whole world to him. He promise not to leave her no matter what it will take. 

With all these promises, he engaged one of Northern Nigeria's feared and revered emcee, Ricqy Ultra a.k.a Mahakurci Mawadaci. The rapper produced a deep lyrical cover for the song with a blend of English and Hausa rap. His unique rap style is second to none and he know exactly what to deliver.

Who says real rappers don't know anything about love? Download and listen carefully while putting the song on repeat.


The song was produced by Kano City's own, NexceZz Beatz.

Friday, 30 September 2016


Dropping out fresh from two record label acts are 2Flesh the D.O.A and MSK/Lil Ameer collaborating under the labels MS Records and 2Flesh Records with the sonng "ANYANKA".

This is a latest project and an effort from both labels to deliver something out of the extraordinary to the hausa hip-hop lovers. "ANYANKA........ ta tashi" is a proverbial statement which means "from frying pan to fire".

ANYANKA has a complete hip-hop flava with rich lyrical rap skills that will gladden your ears. With a distinct feminine representation in the song, 2 Flesh the DOA is comprised of Skylex, Doc Tug, B.O.G and their new lady Aglexxy, all switching lanes within the 3 verse song.

Youngest Arewa hip-hop rapper signed under MS Records Lil Ameer spits some magnificent words along with label owner MSK.

Download and listen up.


Facebook: 2Flesh 3419
Facebook: Ameer Hassan (Lil Ameer)
Facebook: Musbahu Sulaiman (MSK)

Thursday, 29 September 2016


ClassiQ knows what it takes to drop a hit. No doubt this song will get you hooked up and call for cupid to lend you an arrow.

 ClassiQ drops the visuals to the song I LOVE YOU which features R&B songstress Avala. For the ClassiQ followers, the song was previously on his debut Mixtape Album "Sarki".

Watch the video below

This video features Kannywood's screen goddess and one of the most beautiful and delectable faces in the movie industry, Rahama Sadau. The sensational Kannywood/Nollywood star acts spread her aura across the video in her vixen role for the Arewa mafia artist.

ClassiQ will be dropping another visuals to his new single soon titled KAWAI which is popularly becoming a national anthem among the streets and social media platforms.

The video was directed by Bash’Em.

Connect with this artist via

Twitter: ClassiQ_
Instagram: ClassiQ
Sound cloud: ClassiQ_Sarki

Thursday, 22 September 2016

BOC (@BOCMadaki) - Sorry Please Thanks EP

BOC MADAKI finally drops his first studio EP titled "Sorry, Please, Thanks".This tends to commemorate exactly with the artist's birthday which is of course today 22nd September.

The EP album is a complete hip-hop template for any Hausa Hip-hop listener. The EP "Sorry, Please, Thanks" contains features from Pheroshuz, Kenny Wonder, Lee Rhymes and C Man. Others include Abyssinia, Stesh and  Black House.

The 13 track album has a lot of rich contents with 7 dope producers registering their skills on it. they include Shambee Puzzle, Cman, Eskay, Kenny Wonder, Sarom, Benzeeno and Sinama Beat.

Most of the songs were mixed and Mastered by CMan with the exception of Do That by Kenny Wonder and Himma by Balami.

Download Sorry, Please, Thanks EP Below
1. Knock Knock
2. Madarar Lebe
3. Dari Bisa Dari
4. Really Real Featuring Pheroshuz
5. Do That Featuring Kenny Wonder
6. Penates featuring Lee Rhymes
7. Sorry, Please, Thanks
8. Big Brother Featuring CMan
9. Mama (Skit)
10. Himma
11. Sir Abubakar Featuring Abyssinia
12. Sabada Featuring Stesh
13. Home Coming Featuring Black House

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Mai Martaba (@Sez419) - Make I Rap

Mai Martaba a.k.a Sez drops this latest song titled Make I Rap.

The prolific rap artist has been in the game for over a decade. His Unique lyrical prowess and content is off the hook. This song will definately vibrate your ear drums.

The song which fuses ‘Hausa‘ and English lyrics, would sure leave you nodding your heads.

Sez is set to drop his upcoming Mixtape titled “MAGANA JARI CE” slated to drop by the December.

The song was produced by KING D

Download below


Connect with Sez Via
Twitter: @sez419
Instagram: @sez419

Album - Nexcezz Beatz (@nexcezzbeatz) - The Lonely Roadz

NEXCEZZ BEATZ needs no special introduction except but to a few. The name is quite known to so many as a producer.

NexceZz has taken a step further to drop his first official studio album tagged "THE LONELY ROADZ". The album is going to be the next big thing coming out of Arewa Hiphop Music, according to NexceZz Beatz. THE LONELY ROADZ is an album that speaks about me.

THE LONELY ROADZ is a 16-track album with guests artists on the list. Among the artists featured include RICQY ULTRA, YONGXAM and WHIMZ C. Others include Mnas, Above, Rouxy Fresh, AJ Beatz, 1 Syde,Detektive MBK and Ajebzy.

NexceZz Beatz is a seasoned producer as all song were produced by him.

Mixed and mastered by NexceZz Beatz, the album will go a long way in defining how talented this producer, songwriter, lyricist, composer, pianist and vocalist is relevant to the hiphop game, not only within Arewa but Nigeria as a whole.

Download "The Lonely Roadz" Album Below
1 Banana
2 Bala'i ft. A.B.O.V.E
3 Pay My Money ft. Whimz C, Ricqy Ultra & MNas
4 Baba Loke
5 Lonely Roadz
6 Aboki Na ft. AJ Beatz, Whimz C, Ajebzy, Rouxy Fresh, 1 Syde & YongXam
7 Blessed
8 True Love
9 Liar
10 My Music (Worthless) ft. YongXam & A.B.O.V.E
11 When You Wake
12 Black Rosaries
13 Say You Love Me
14 Chasing Amina
15 G.H.O.G.H
16 Outro

Thursday, 15 September 2016

FRAZE (@Callmefraze) Feat. Funkiest Mallam - SAUTI

 FRAZE drops this exciting song titled SAUTI officially from his forthcoming Mixtape album. He has released a single previously titled ABUN DADI which was a tribute song to the legendary Barmani Choge.

"SAUTI" is a word which literally means SOUND or MUSIC, is an upbeat song that will make you move your feet no matter how weary it may look.

The song features FUNKIEST MALLAM and it encourages everyone to stand up and dance to this song.
Produced by FRAZE himself, no doubt he is multi-talented in his own way.

Download this uptempo song and add it to your party playlist before it gets cold.


FRAZE is under the label GUNKICKS ENTER-10-MENT.

Connect with FRAZE via
TWITTER - @callmefraze
INSTAGRAM - callmefraze
FACEBOOK - CallmeFraze

Saturday, 13 August 2016

UNIQUE PIKIN (@UniquepikinJiga) - ATAPA

Real name Mubarak Muhammad a.k.a UNIQUE PIKIN,was born in Jigawa state. This talented artist is just 19 years old. Also known by the name Jiga (an abbreviation from the word Jigawa), he is currently a student of Bayero University Kano.

 After the recent release of his first single, UNIQUE PIKIN drops his second single in quick succession titled ATAPA.

The song has an upbeat tempo that will make you gyrate. The afro-highlife infusion is so awesome. There is one thing that makes this artist UNIQUE, his vocal delivery and how he plays on the beat.

ATAPA is all about making UNIQUE PIKIN dishing out something to his fans and at the end, they show their appreciation by giving him a full round of applause.

He lives between Kano, Jigawa and Lagos. Well versed in English, Hausa and Yoruba, he only needs a bit of Igbo to be a complete Nigerian.

Signed under "NO LIMITS RECORDS" just recently , he works with this dope Producer, MEGAMIXX under the label.

Download ATAPA and just bet after listening carefully, you will also TAPA for him.

TWITTER: @UniquepikinJiga
FACEBOOK: Uniquepikin M Jiga
Instagram: Uniquepikin
Whatsapp: 08122026899


UNIQUE PIKIN is a name that sounds really unique. But what is really unique about this pikin? You may start to wonder but don't wander too far. His style is totally different.

 Real name Mubarak Muhammad a.k.a UNIQUE PIKIN,was born in Jigawa state. This talented artist is just 19 years old. Also known by the name Jiga ( an abbreviation from the word Jigawa), he is currently a student of Bayero University Kano.

Unique Pikin lives between Kano, Jigawa and Lagos. Well versed in English, hausa and Yoruba, he only needs a bit of Ibo to be a complete Nigerian.

Signed under "NO LIMITS RECORDS" just recently , he works with this dope Producer, MEGAMIXX under the label.
Unique Pikin drops his first single titled DISCO DANCER. The song is an afrocentric song blended with a complete tune of English, Hausa and Yoruba language. His smooth infusion of the three languages is so awesome.
The song is all about a guy coming across a girl who wants to be his DISCO DANCER in a club. The delivery is awesome and with more songs on his shelves, UNIQUE PIKIN will be an instant hit in no time.

The song was produced by MegaMix.
Download this song and listen straight up.
TWITTER: @UniquepikinJiga
FACEBOOK: Uniquepikin M Jiga
Instagram: Uniquepikin
Whatsapp: 08122026899


Mega Sallam implies “Re introduction” according to Mixter Bash.

The song reflects about the past struggles, hustle and bustles about Mixter Bash's current state. He narrates how he started the struggle in the world of hip-hop and how far he has made it presently. Mega Sallam is a song that says it all.

"Everything in this song is so true. It's my true “life story”. Real facts where backed up with dates and witnesses for reference sake" says Mixter Bash. MEGA SALLAM is a song that will please every loyal hiphop fan, most especially the hausa hip-hop fans.

Initially the song was proposed for future release. But due to requests made by fans, Mixter Bash had no choice but to drop something ahead of his schedule.

The song was produced by Mixter Bash, Mixed and mastered by Nexcezz Beatz.

Download, play and share.


Twitter: @mixter_bash
Facebook: Mixter Bash

Sunday, 31 July 2016









INSTAGRAM: ricqyultra 
FACEBOOK FANPAGE: www.facebook.com/ricqyultrasays 
WHATSAPP ONLY: (+234) 803 433 2876

K-Arrowz - Me Ya Faru ft ziriums

 They have sailed across the deep tortures of Hausa Hip-hop for a very long time. They have navigated and survived the odds. And now they are asking ME YA FARU?

They have withstood a lot of pressure from the odd world of music. When they ask for answers, they never seem to get one.They keep asking them one question whenever they are silent for a while, ME YA FARU?

 K-ARROWZare one of the fewest recipients in the New rising hip-hop genre HAUSA HIP-HOP. They are deeply and strongly indigenous when it comes to this particular genre of music. They were once a group of Six (6) until the group faded into just two (2) surviving members.

That is to tell you that hip-hop is not for kids. They are the true definition of Hip-Hop culture which is determination, hope and patience.

K-ARROWZ needs no further introduction. They drop their first official new single in the year 2016 titled ME YA FARU? ME YA FARU means WHAT IS HAPPENING or rather WHAT IS GOING ON in the literal English term. The song tells a deep story about life’s unfortunate happenings that seem to happen every single day. People don’t care about people. The golden rule of “love your neighbor as yourself” has vanished in the mind of everyone.

When people smile, all they ask is ME YA FARU? When they cry, people still ask ME YA FARU? This conscious rap song will touch you deeply when you listen to the song which has an expressive story line from K-ARROWZ themselves.

They feature another brother in the game who is among the pioneers of the Hausa Hip-Hop rap genre, US based and Kano born rapper, ZIRIUMS. With his recent visit back to Nigeria, the dread wearing artist hooked up with this duo to come out with this song.

 ZIRIUMS was not left out also as he poured out his own experience and facts about what is actually happening. Mhiz Ene is a new entrant into the music game. She did solemly well to deliver a touching hook to the song. With few words from the hook asking “Why you hating on a brother. Tell me why you hating on a brother. ME YA FARU?”

Produced by AMMA AWARD winning Sound Engineer NexceZz BeatZ, download this song and gulp in the ocean of real good music.


CONNECT with these artists via
FACEBOOK: K Arrowz Kano
FACEBOOK Page: Nazir Ahmed Hausawa
TWITTER: @Karrowz2
TWITTER: @Ziriums

Friday, 15 July 2016

DADDY FRESH JAMAL (@daddyfreshjamal)-Lord Of Mercy

DADDY FRESH JAMAL drops this fresh new song exclusively for his teeming fans titled LORD OF MERCY.

LORD OF MERCY is a song that will sweep you off your vibe. The trap-like beat and vocal delivery is indeed out of this planet.

Daddy Fresh is indeed back and better. He keeps surprising everyone with his unique tone and deeply enriched Hausa vocabularies. Spitting in your mother tongue is not for the kids. If you are good, you are good, says the artist during his press release.

According to him, he has been away for far too long but it feels good to be back into the game. With rumours spreading around that the game is up for Daddy Fresh Jamal, I decided to drop this song ASAP and let my fans know that the game has indeed just begun for me.

The song has a deep catchy hook, with a sort of patois feeling and vibe added to make it look Caribbean. Produced by AMMA Award Sound Engineer, NexceZz Beatz, the song was also mastered by him. 

“There are new song right now been worked upon by me and my management. They will be on air very soon” says Daddy Fresh Jamal. Singles that will drop include BAD GIRL and TAMBAYA. Fans should watch out.

Download Lord Of Mercy Below

Connect with Daddy Fresh Jamal via 

TWITTER: @daddyfreshjamal

FACEBOOK: DaddyFresh Jamal

INSTAGRAM: @princefreshjamal

Thursday, 14 July 2016



I wish to remain anonymous and let the whole world know about the philanthropic work AREWA 24 has been doing in the whole world most especially with regards to one of their most entertaining programs that relates to hip-hop.

It was dark times for the youths in Arewa. There has never been a time when individuals or any organization has come out to help change the orientation of the youth via television broadcasting until the arrival of AREWA 24.

Were such programs were arranged, selfish bigots come out with means to tarnish the mainframe of the project claiming that it guides the youths to unwanted moral misdemeanors.

Over the years, it is the same youths that have been used for political thuggery during pre and post-election violence. Most of these youths end up wasting the lifespan of their lives doing nothing. Unemployment has always been the order of the day. This is a true fact.

AREWA 24 became the only pioneering and leading free-to-air satellite channel to deliver a mouth-gaping miracle within the space of just 2 years. By the next 10 years, it will transform the entire Arewa youths in the world into a unified realm.

Entertainment is the only means by which information can be passed in this 21st century. This is the only medium by which the youths are engaged in positive thinking. We are all aware of other television channels that to some extent promote videos that contain nudity, drugs, obscene images, violence, crime and other negative vices. But AREWA 24 to my own knowledge is one channel that most families can watch hip-hop programs without blinking their eyelids.

There has been no single indigenous station in Arewa that has brought families together other than AREWA 24. The program H HIPHOP which is a program that centers on the youth has united a lot of families, friends, relations, neighbors and even a region. The package of the program is so unique that households can’t wait for the weekend to come.  Almost 85% of households outside the Arewa boundary which may include communities that have links to the Hausa language are loyal fans of the program. You may call them addicts if you wish but it is all about a matter of choice.

So many TV channels have been thinking of a program that will capture the youths. I do believe that AREWA 24 has the antidote already. All that remains is for the station to add up more programs that will entirely centre on the youths because they are the only age group that have the access to watch most digital satellite programs.

There has been a rallying cry calling for the suspension or removal of the TV program H HIPHOP. There has equally been hate speeches about the effect of hip-hop to the society been spread by uneducated authors who are suffering from malignant illiteracy. There was a time when the timing of the program affected the fan base of the TV Channel. Those calling for the shots have no basis whatsoever to call for such rickety action.
Never has there been a time where any hip-hop artist presented in the show has come out to promote crime, nudity, sexuality, hate speech, rape, or any negativity. We are well aware that not everybody is a saint, but majority carry the vote. Most of these artists promote peace, unity, true life experiences and what the society is facing real time. No music genre speaks for the masses and for the society directly like HIP-HOP.

Artists that have featured in over 80 episode of the H HIPHOP show which is anchored by AMINU ABBA UMAR (Nomiis Gee) are graduates, undergraduates, workers in other professions or still in pursuit of their educational/academic careers. Some are role models in the society and they have a voice.
Indications from experiences shared during interviews by these artists have shown that their parents have been against them stepping into the shoes of being artists. But on the long run, they finally give their blessings and they are quite impressed with what their children are doing when they see them expressing their God-gifted talents to the world via AREWA 24.

AREWA 24 is a channel for AREWA and not a channel for a particular STATE or LANGUAGE or REGION. Arewa as it may be to some don’t know that it has over 350 ethnic tribes. Being that HAUSA is the lingua franca spoken in this region, does not provide the basis for it to be a monopolized channel.
At this point, I wish to let the management of AREWA 24 to know that what is good for the goose is also good for the gander. Anything good comes with a lot of challenges. Keep up the good work. One way to help uplift the good work you are doing is to organize seminars, workshops, events or shows that will help these upcoming artists to guide those at their infant stage who are willing to embrace entertainment as a means of survival.

Make them ambassadors. Make them role models and never relent on your effort to promote the positive side of these talented and gifted youths who are determined to change the face of the world through music. All they need your support and I do believe that you have the support of the youths 100%.
As for the Hip-Hop artists, I implore you to do good songs that are meaningful, well documented and well rehearsed so that those disseminating the negativity of hip-hop will have no room for that. Promote the norms and values of AREWA through your music.

HIP-HOP is a culture. Let us stick to our own culture.  “Duk wanda ya bar gida, gida ya bar shi”. Likewise, don’t keep mute and watch the good works you are doing being destroyed by illiterates. Speak out and defend your profession. Stand as one body and protect your profession. These are my last words.


Ricqy Ultra - Zuma ft Lady Hany

After much success from the recently released joint collaboration on the song Anzo Wurin with Nomiis Gee,  Ricqy Ultra just p...