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HAUSA HIP-HOP BLOG paid a visit to CEMS NIGERIA LIMITED. They happen to be the organizers of AMMA/KANNYWOOD AWARDS. With the company busy preparing to host its 3rd edition, Hausa HipHop Blog had the opportunity of interviewing with its C.E.O Mr. Abdulkadir Abdulrahman. This was how the interview went.

HHHB: - It has been over 29 days since the official unveiling of the AMAA AWARDS WEBSITE. The site has over 166,000 visits. What do you have to say about this?

A.A: - Thank you very much. It shows that AMMA has been accepted by the entertainment industry as people are identifying with this project. Basically, the mission and the motive of this project is to appreciate the northern talent (artists). Also, it serves as a means for these talents to be appreciated, to know they are loved and for the artists to work harder for other global appreciation. It is a very good development, not for the organizers of this event but for the entire Arewa entertainment industry.

HHHB: - What are the present challenges AMMA (CEMS NIGERIA LTD) is/are facing towards the organization of this event?

A.A: - The basic challenge we are facing is sponsorship. It makes no sense for event organizations to be relying on sponsors. If the government was to sponsor such projects, it would have been a lot easier for us as an event company. But due to the current situation we find ourselves, we have no option but to rely on sponsorship. Nonetheless, there are companies, individuals and other agencies that have shown interest in this project, but they are not willing to assist until few days to the event. So we have to rally round, double our effort to get all logistics sorted out before they come in.

HHHB: - Do you presently have sponsors for this particular event?

A.A: Actually we have sponsors, potential sponsors and contributors which I may not mention their names now because they prefer to remain anonymous for now. But we do have sponsors. Yes.

HHHB: - Back to the awards. The viewer’s choice category award is one aspect of the event that stroked the attention of the entertainers in the industry. What has been the outcome so far?

A.A:-We made this edition a special edition because we believe as time changes, we also have to change and adapt. It is part of our initiative to reframe this project. People are already used to categories like most popular actor/actress, etc; we felt we should initiate something spectacular; which gave birth to the Viewers’ Choice Category. There are almost 17 categories accessible on our website ( Amma is working so hard to let the general public know that we at Arewa can host bigger events like this. So far, the response has been impressive.

HHHB: - With 17 categories comprising of both movie and music, which category do you think is the most interesting?

A.A:- Well (smiling and stuttering)…… the two categories are all interesting honestly. You see, in terms of voting, I would say the music category has been more active based on what we have seen on our website.

HHHB:-The site has been experiencing some hiccups due to heavy traffic of people logging/accessing the site. How is AMMA (CEMS NIG. LTD) addressing the situation?
A.A:-AMMA is now a household name on the mouth of music and movie consumers. We do appreciate the effort of the media, stakeholders and the general public. On two occasions, we had some issues with our website. The influx of people into the site has been alarming. What we did was to extend our bandwidth. The bandwidth was a bit low when we started. We never anticipated that people would be visiting the site at such rate.  But now, we have extended our bandwidth which should last for the next 12 months.

HHHB:- Apart from the Viewers’ Choice Category, there are other categories. How many entries have you received from these categories so far?

A.A:- As you can see (pointing at his table), I am working on some of the entries submitted on a spread sheet. We have over 350 entries received. Going by projection, we are expecting as much as 600 entries before the closing date.

HHHB:- What was the figure for last year’s edition?

A.A:- Last year, we had about 200 entries.

HHHB:- We can vividly say that there is a positive progression?

A.A:- Yes!

HHHB:- How many awards are you giving awarding in total?

A.A:- 78 awards. The Viewers’ Category has 17, the movies 35, music is 15 and the Special Awards has 11 totaling about 78.

HHHB:- Where can music/movie professionals get there forms most especially for those who want to participate?

A.A:- Go to Film house Cinema, Ado Bayero Mall which is located at Zoo Road Kano City, Kano State to grab a copy. It is absolutely free. Don’t pay a dime to collect as the forms are not for sale.

HHHB:- For those interested in sponsorship, how can you be reached?

A.A:- We can be reached through these numbers.
(+234) 8166500036, 8035302772, 8083069379
Facebook Page: ammawards
Twitter: @ammawards
Instagram: arewamusicandmoviesawards
Whatsapp: (+234) 8099288552

HHHB:- Thank you for your time Sir.

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